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I am a seeker of the truth. Honesty & Integrity are very important to me. I am a student of life who Loves to learn from Life and friends. I live by a system of values and honorable principles. I am a harmony seeking idealist. I am keen to understand others,and what makes them tick.I seek ways to improve my mental ability.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Live your life with Purpose

Living your life with purpose

"Live your life with purpose. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Be yourself and don't wait for the approval of others. But most importantly, have a positive and humble mindset no matter what situation you are in. Count your blessings, not your problems, and you will realize how beautiful your life truly is." 
— Troy Amdahl

I am Blessed.

I am blessed!

My Miracle son Michael. Holding My Miracle Grandson Max.

My son Michael hates me calling him My miracle child. I believe this to be true, because a month before he was conceived a month after I experienced my second ectopic pregnancy. If I hadn't experienced an Ectopic pregnancy and everything was normal then I wouldn't have been able to conceive in the December as there would have been another child occupying my womb..

I am truly blessed to be a
Mother and Grandmother
 I wouldn't change Michael for the world. We are close even after all our battles and disagreements.  At times I am sure he chose me to be his mum to keep me on my toes, to challenge my view of life and to show me No matter what life throws at us, Miracles can still be performed. It was tough being a single mum, but through Perseverance and Love, I survived the battle of wits, the power struggles and I made it through the other end a stronger, more educated person.

 He thanked me the other day for Being a tough mum who made him go to school even when he didn't want to. As Education is high on my values list. I wouldn't give in to his everyday bad bellies and headaches. (which occurred daily after his father walked out of his life)  He believes if I hadn't encouraged him to go to school and made him do his homework that he wouldn't be in University today.
He didn't always want to go to school because of the other children making fun of his lisp, and his fears that I might not be here when he returned. His fear around the age of six. But once he got to school. he was never any trouble,

In the secondary school, He was a grade A student, He played rugby for the school and for  the Aberdare valley Rugby team. He played the double Bass.

 At home, he loved to spend hours playing his game console. He is very competitive. As he grew older he would spend a lot of time on his P.C.

He also had a newspaper round before school.

Michael and Max (to the left) 
I believe that Kris and Robin will see Max as their Miracle baby also. As sadly they lost a child prior to his conception.. He has a very placid and jolly temperament and he also a very intelligent child. He is so very much like his dad when he was young. I love visiting him as he always has me smiling, My inner child just wants to comes out to play the moment I see his eyes light up from seeing me. I just love being silly with him and leaving all the worries of the world, and my health issues at the door before each visit, making my time with him Memorable, Fun and happy.
He loves his cuddles and the raspberries I blow on his belly. He also like to catch the bubbles that I blow. HIs favourite toys are the educational train and pull along ball that i bought him.

He has spent many hours playing with this train.
He also likes to play his fisher price pull along ball

I love My three Boys, Kris, Michael, and Max. They all make Me Happy and Proud.