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I am a seeker of the truth. Honesty & Integrity are very important to me. I am a student of life who Loves to learn from Life and friends. I live by a system of values and honorable principles. I am a harmony seeking idealist. I am keen to understand others,and what makes them tick.I seek ways to improve my mental ability.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016



It is agreed that there are 6 pillars of character that are composed of six ethical values. These are

  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Fairness
  • Caring
  • Citizenship
The following character trait are from Character First!(tm).
  • Alertness – Being aware of what is taking place around me so I can have the right responses.
  • Attentiveness – Showing the worth of a person or task by giving my undivided concentration.
  • Availability – Making my own schedule and priorities secondary to the wishes of those I serve.
  • Benevolence – Giving to others basic needs without having as my motive personal reward.
  • Boldness – Confidence that what I have to say or do is true, right, and just.
  • Cautiousness – Knowing how important right timing is in accomplishing right actions.
  • Compassion – Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others.
  • Contentment – Realizing that true happiness does not depend on material conditions.
  • Creativity – Approaching a need, a task, or an idea from a new perspective.
  • Decisiveness – The ability to recognize key factors and finalize difficult decisions.
  • Deference – Limiting my freedom so I do not offend the tastes of those around me.
  • Dependability – Fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice.
  • Determination – Purposing to accomplish right goals at the right time, regardless of the opposition.
  • Diligence – Investing my time and energy to complete each task assigned to me.
  • Discernment – Understanding the deeper reasons why things happen.
  • Discretion – Recognizing and avoiding words, actions, and attitudes that could bring undesirable consequences.
  • Endurance – The inward strength to withstand stress and do my best.
  • Enthusiasm – Expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort.
  • Faith – Confidence that actions rooted in good character will yield the best outcome, even when I cannot see how.
  • Flexibility – Willingness to change plans or ideas according to the direction of my authorities.
  • Forgiveness – Clearing the record of those who have wronged me and not holding a grudge.
  • Generosity – Carefully managing my resources so I can freely give to those in need.
  • Gentleness – Showing consideration and personal concern for others.
  • Gratefulness – Letting others know by my words and actions how they have benefitted my life.
  • Honor – Respecting those in leadership because of the highter authorities they represent.
  • Hospitality – Cheerfully sharing food, shelter, or conversation to benefit others.
  • Humility – Acknowledging that achievement results from the investment of others in my life.
  • Initiative – Recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it.
  • Joyfulness – Maintaining a good attitude, even when faced with unpleasant conditions.
  • Justice – Taking personal responsibility to uphold what is pure, right, and true.
  • Loyalty – Using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve.
  • Meekness – Yielding my personal rights and expectations with a desire to serve.
  • Obedience – Quickly and cheerfully carrying out the direction of those who are responsible for me.
  • Orderliness – Arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency.
  • Patience – Accepting a difficult situation without giving a deadline to remove it.
  • Persuasiveness – Guiding vital truths around another’s mental roadblocks.
  • Punctuality – Showing esteem for others by doing the right thing at the right time.
  • Resourcefulness – Finding practical uses for that which others would overlook or discard.
  • Responsibility – Knowing and doing what is expected of me.
  • Security – Structuring my life around that which cannot be destroyed or taken away.
  • Self-Control – Rejecting wrong desires and doing what is right.
  • Sensitivity – Perceiving the true attitudes and emotions of those around me.
  • Sincerity – Eagerness to do what is right with transparent motives.
  • Thoroughness – Knowing what factors will diminish the effectiveness of my work or words if neglected.
  • Thriftiness – Allowing myself and others to spend only what is necessary.
  • Tolerance – Realizing that everyone is at varying levels of character development.
  • Truthfulness – Earning future trust by accurately reporting past facts.
  • Virtue – The moral excellen ce evident in my life as I consistently do what is right.
  • Wisdom – Seeing and responding to life situations from a perspective that transcends my current circumstances.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Have you taken the first step to living a More meaningful, purpose filled life?

Have you taken the first step to living a More meaningful, purpose filled life?

 Life is a Journey

Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” and so it is with the art of purposeful living. Make a promise to yourself today to take that first step toward a more meaningful, purpose-filled life for a more rewarding, fulfilling future.

How to live your life with purpose

  • First find your strengths. What do your friends and family compliment you on?
  • What inspires you? What are your natural talents?
  • What are you Passionate about?
  • What are your Personal Values?
  • How can your Personal Values serve others?
  • Look at what you're passionate about and then decide on your Goals in life.

When deciding what your life purpose is, Look at your values.

Your Personal values will help you identify your goals. You goals may help you to see what you're passionate about. What makes you happy and contented. Once you have identified these, the next step is taking One step forward to living your life with purpose

What are your personal Values?

Personal Values determine Our Goals and Outcomes in Life.
The goals we choose, are the outer expression of our Personal Values. 
Personal Values are a major motivating force for people because they categorise  how people attach meaning and importance to things they value.

My Personal Values are:
  • Living a Life of Honesty and Integrity.
  • Being Dependable and on time.
  • Helping Others with personal needs 
  • Living a life obtaining knowledge. 
  • I constantly strive to learn and grow as a person.
  • The Believing family is of fundamental importance.
  • Educating oneself and sharing this knowledge
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Our Personal Values reflect who we are.
A person's identity and personality are held together by their Values and Beliefs

"Its not hard to make a decision when you know what your values are" Ray Disney  

I believe Honesty is the best policy and Trust has to be earned.

Choose your personal Values from this list.

Knowing who you are & what you stand for. Understanding your core values & beliefs - then you can start building your own personal unique brand

It is important that you identify your core values, but it is even more important that you live by these values

Here are some words to describe my Core Values.
  • Dependable, Reliable, Loyal, Committed,Open Minded, Honest,Efficient, Innovative,Adventurous,Fun Loving,Positive, Optimistic, Inspiring, Passionate,Educated, Loving,Nurturing and Compassionate.
other values include
  • Creativity,Forgiveness,Hope,Kindness,Knowledge,Self-reliance, Independence,Spirituality,Truth,Wisdom,and Personal Growth.
I honour my Commitments and My word.
I try to bring value to people's lives. I would like to think people are better off from knowing me.

Here is a link to a site with Four hundred value words

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and it has helped Your find your Core Values

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