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I am a seeker of the truth. Honesty & Integrity are very important to me. I am a student of life who Loves to learn from Life and friends. I live by a system of values and honorable principles. I am a harmony seeking idealist. I am keen to understand others,and what makes them tick.I seek ways to improve my mental ability.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Becoming a Mum!

Who would have thought that becoming a mum would mean that I would become a permanent babysitter, a doctor, teacher, housekeeper, friend. Before I became pregnant I thought I had big responsibilities with travelling from Aberdare to Bridgend to get to college everyday. Fitting in time to socialise, babysit my siblings and study. little did I know my biggest challenge was yet to come.

It's tough being a parent because You want to bring your children up with good values and morals and to do your best by them . Parenthood is not easy - new parents have so much to learn and often lack good role models. it is so easy to forget that my words and actions have a direct impact on my children and who they will become one day.
How can I expect my children to be joyful, loving people with integrity, confidence and humility if I am not doing all I can to be that person too.

I need to try harder to be the best i can possible be so that my boys can be the best they can be.

Motherhood is tough. No pay, No days off, No training given and most of your hard work & efforts often go unappreciated & yet resignation is an impossibility!

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